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Music ©1995, 2019 by Scott Kardell
Lyrics adapted from a traditional Native American war song.

Produced by Scott Kardell

The dramatic motion picture presents the coming-of-age story of a young man’s struggle for dignity and honor.

Shon-ge (“Wolf”) was named by his father for his anticipated bravery in warfare.

But ever since his father was killed by an enemy tribe, Shon-ge’s mother has kept her son close by her side. Mercilessly taunted for his lack of adventure and devotion to his mother, Shon-ge finally sees an opportunity to join the next battle and “grow into his name.”

Once he departs, Shon-ge’s fiancé is endlessly harassed by his peers who have stayed home, making her life miserable until his return. She regrets that she encouraged Shon-ge to go to war, and cries for him every night to return to her.

Shon-ge has one chance to defeat his enemies on three fronts: His battlefield combatants, his tribal adversaries, and, above all, his own self-doubts.

Respect will only come after victory.


English lyrics (adapted from a traditional Native American war song):

“The wolves have no fear
As they travel over earth;

So I will go on as they do,
And not feel strange in any land.”

“The one I wish to marry,
He has left to go to war;

The one I hate has stayed behind--
I just can’t take it anymore.
Oh, won’t you come home!”

“A timid leader
Never gains a lofty place;

He never gains honor and fame,
So let the tribe hear from you!

And they have told you
It is hard to be a man;

And now you are going to a place
Where you will know that it is true.”