From the recording First Offensive (2008)

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Music & Lyrics ©1996, 2005 by Scott C. Kardell (BMI)

Recorded and Mixed at:
Extra Fish Recording and Creative, Ozaukee County, WI
Sound Engineer: George Nestler

Dave Rank: Lead Vocals
Scott Kardell: Vocals, Keys, Aux. Percussion
Alicia Kardell: Vocals, Aux. Percussion
George Nestler: Keys
David Behrel: Lead Guitar
Jason Fabus: Alto Sax
Tom Barnum: Soprano Sax
Jared Schulz: Trumpet
James Grall: Drum Kit


Last night I had the strangest dream--
Me and my brother built a Time Machine,
And we waited a week
While we built up the nerve just to try it

I said, "Where do you wanna go?"
He said "I wanna see the Hebrews leave Pharaoh."
And so we climbed through the back,
I turned the key,
And we started to fly it.

We saw the people walking out of Egypt-land,
We saw them travel through the Red Sea,
But then they started dancing in the sand, singin',

"God is dead, the golden calf rules;
See how it shines, look at the jewels!"

"God is dead, the golden calf rules;
We can build our own god--
Hey, that cow is really cool."

We traveled on right through the years,
But we had to stop when we saw the tears
Of the Perfect One who was to die
For the sins of those who hurt him.

We saw the people turn on Him
And then we saw the soldiers mocking in
A brutal portrayal of the worst of man's offering.

And as they beat the Creator of the Universe,
We heard that same melody,
And then we heard them chant that haunting verse, singin',

"God is dead, the Romans rule;
If you have any doubt, watch us beat this fool!
God is dead, the Romans rule;
We can make our own gods--
Hey that blood is really cool!"

I said, "I just can't take anymore."
And so we landed our machine back at my door,
And we rolled out the back with relief,
And we checked out our city.

I said, "I'm glad we've come so far,
With our spirituality and our motorcars;
If we stayed the way we saw today,
It would be such a pity."

But then we saw the masses,
And we heard the roar;
We heard the same song again,
We saw the same old scene once more:

"God is dead, and humans rule;
He's out of our homes, He's out of our schools!
God is dead, and humans rule;
We can be our own gods--
Hey, now, that sounds really cool!"